Spare Parts

We supply original spare parts for all types of socks and seamless machines.

We are able to supply original spare parts for all types of machineries that follow the entire sock production cycle. That is to say for all types of knitting and linking machines, boarding, dyeing and packaging machines ( LONATI - MATEC - SANTONI - RUMI - SANGIACOMO - COLOSIO - BUSI - ANGE BENTLEY - TAKATORI - DETEXOMAT - ROSSO - RIMOLDI - UNION SPECIAL - EXACTA - MAUSER LOCK - BROTHER - SOLIS - CONTI - COMPLETT - CORTESE - TECNOPEA - FLAYNOX - CUBOTEX ).

We work with the original catalog codes and we supply all mechanical and electronic parts, needles and all flat parts.

For the latter the brands supplied are Groz Beckert but also Kern Liebers, Mitchell Grieve, Kjmura and Samsung.

Additionally we supply the yarn devices like BTSR, IRO MEMMINGER, and LGL.

You can therefore request a quotation by email for all the codes that you find in all your catalogs and as soon as possible you will receive our best offer.

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